Why Us?

Technology use in the classroom has simply exploded over the past decade or so. Digital and web-based record keeping, interactive learning programs, and streaming video have become the expected norm for teachers, students, and parents.

Unfortunately, all too often technology equipment and network infrastructure in private, faith-based schools are lagging behind the curve – under prepared and under budgeted to meet the demanding and unique needs of the classroom. School administrators have to balance the growing need for advanced technology, both in the classroom and the school office, with the realities of tight budgetary restraints and cash-flow issues. Almost everything happening in a school today requires some form of tech device - from student registration and tuition billing to testing and report cards. Tech downtime can equate to lost lessons, frustrated faculty, distracted students, unproductive office staff, and delayed income.

And it's only getting more challenging. Not only is technology becoming a more and more important aspect of an effective learning environment, but even State testing is forcing schools to upgrade network infrastructure and hardware. In 2016, the NYS Education Department had already begun field testing for its new Computer-Based Testing programs, and they're looking for all schools and districts to be utilizing only Computer-Based Testing by the year 2020.

Between capital outlays and tech service calls, your school's tech budget can get pretty scary, but the need for proper infrastructure and reliable support can't be ignored. That's where we come in. The technicians at Brooklyn Queens Tech Services have been working with Catholic Schools for over twenty years. From laying out our very first Windows 95 computer lab to providing consistently reliable connectivity for today's wireless laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, we've stayed ahead of the curve. We were installing interactive boards before they were called "smart," and we know a thing or two about wireless networking in buildings initially designed to be fall-out shelters.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service and support

to schools and academies, so they can continue to provide

the highest level of educational opportunities through technology

to all the children they serve.