Why Us?

Technology has changed the way every small business operates these days, and that's just as true for parishes. In fact, it's hard to remember how parishes ran just 20 years ago without such a heavy reliance on technology. Donor databases, desktop publishing, online giving, and cloud-based bookkeeping are just a few examples of the "conveniences" that have emerged as constant needs for our parishes. But all this technology comes with a need for truly reliable, yet affordable, support.

At Brooklyn Queens Technology Services, our technicians and support staff have been working with or for churches for more than 35 years combined. We know that running a church isn't like running every other business out there. Along with our IT and tech experience, we bring with us an understanding of what it means to work for the church that most other tech firms simply don't grasp. We have direct experience with the software parishes rely on regularly, we truly understand the realities of how tight the parish budget is, and we recognize the sacred, the historic and the artistic significance of church buildings themselves.

Why not give us a call to find out what we can do for your parish?