Consultation and Planning    

Let the experts at Brooklyn Queens Tech Services help you make the best decisions for your parish's technology needs.  Whether you’re thinking about major upgrades, or just a little tweak to your systems, BQTS will work with you to come up the right solutions to suit your needs.  We'll even provide on-site training for your staff.

Hardware Repair, Installation
and Support

Computer hardware breaks down; that's just a fact of life. Missing keys, cracked screens and worn out hard drives shouldn't spell the end of life for your  devices.  In many cases, simple repairs can be performed to bring a dead laptop or desktop computer back to life.  The same is true for upgrades.  Very often an "outdated" device can be brought up to speed with just a few hardware tweaks.  Next time you think it's time to dump a device, give us a call for a second opinion.

Interactive Boards

We installed our first interactive board in 2004. Since then dozens more have followed.  Whether you purchase an all in one bundle or we put it together piece by piece, our expert installers will get it right.  We also provide troubleshooting and lamp replacement.

Network Design, Installation and Support

A reliable network with dependable internet access is critical for just about everyone these days.  From checking email to cloud-based accounting,  the parish office need to be connected just like everyone else.  We offer complete support for your networking needs from layout and installation to on-site repair.

Audio/Visual Installation
and Support

Everyone knows the frustration of a poorly displayed presentation.  Whether it's in the boardroom or the parish hall, a mishap with your A/V system is an embarrassment no presenter wants to deal with.  We offer installation and support of fixed projectors, screens, flat panels, etc, for churches, auditoriums, classrooms, or any other meeting space.  We'll also provide on-site set up and equipment rental for portable displays or special events. 

CCTV and Security Cameras

Cameras have become a necessary part of any security and safety plan.  From stand alone DVRs to networked IP cameras, we can make sure all your critical areas are covered. Already have a system in place?  We'll be happy to provide support for or add to your existing camera system if at all feasible.

Application and Software Support

We have extensive experience with an vast array of applications and programs including Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Parishsoft, PDS, Manage Engine, and much more.  We also work across all major operating systems and server environments.


Telecom & VoIP Installation
and Support

In this era of constant contact and connectivity, the telephone is still one of the best tools for communication, and with the advancements in VoIP technology your phone system brings even greater potential.  Whether you're simply looking to relocate an extension or you want a completely new phone system, we have experienced technicians to handle all your voice communication needs.   

Card Access and Locking Sytems

We offer installation, support and management of proximity and swipe card systems, as well as remote locking devices for controlled access to your parish buildings.